Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guide, Guide, Gathering - BEDA 1

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so i'm gonna Blog Every Day in April. and here we are on April Fool's Day with Blog #1. i'll warn you early that you should lower your expectations (if they can get any lower) because there are going to be A LOT of days where i have NOTHING to say. and lots of others when i talk about nothing but the Guide. but then again, who could ever get tired of hearing about the Guide? #totallynotobsessed #lyingthroughhashtags [haven't heard of The Guide to Nerdfighting? well, click --> here <-- silly!]

hmm... what's going on in Chelsea's life?

this weekend there will be a gathering! that's right! at the Santa Monica Pier @ noon! it will be awesome! i really, really, really, really, really, hope people show up. otherwise hiding all those eggs will be for naught!

also, i made this lovely beast last night: Lovely Beast, document
i need criticism! tell me what's wrong with it so i can make it super-awesome!

i'm gonna cut off here cuz i still need to edit a video i recorded on Tuesday! the plan was to edit it yesterday, but i was too busy editing that PDF! oops!

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