Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 for 1!!! :D

Fatigue Meter: 0


so guess who just woke up and remembered her blog! ha!

so i was all about getting my 7NAP video up in time, and like most weeks, went to bed after i hit upload, but FORGOT TO WRITE A BLOG!!!!!

and just to add insult to injury, i talked about BEDA in my video. yeah, genius right?

and i actually very nearly forgot i had to do a video! i was all, "i'm gonna spend a half an hour (at work) to take a look at this outline/agenda for the Guide." and then, i suddenly remembered it was Friday, and started watching all the 7NAP videos for the week.

so anyway, i suddenly realized that in that "IMPORTANT" email that i tried to get everyone on staff to read, i told them i was gonna have a preliminary plan outline and agenda ready for them by Sunday, about Tuesday at the latest. this means i have to transfer all my thoughts i scribbled on paper to the computer. and transcribing just isn't one of my favorite activities. :/

i'm sure, if i had written any of that yesterday, it would be sprinkled with clever little things i pondered over the day. but i didn't, so it's not. sorry.

so my aunt's wedding reception is later today. and i'm just like, "holy, hell! what am i going to wear?!" which is the problem when you're a nerd girl who 1) likes the indoors better than outdoors 2) thinks that wearing pajamas anytime should become acceptable 3) has 75 t-shirts and maybe 5 dress tops.

i have been known to not attend parties simply because i had nothing appropriate to wear. do i remedy this and go shopping? no. of course not! that would be completely sound and logical thinking! instead i tell myself i didn't want to go anyway, i don't even really like those people, and anywhere jeans and a t-shirt is unacceptable is unacceptable to me!

but that's not the only thing happening today. what am i REALLY excited for? DR. WHO!!! don't even bother trying to explain that i should be more excited for my aunt. there's no point. you'll have better luck trying to explain to someone that the grass is, in fact, a pleasant shade of pale orange. besides, who doesn't love Dr. Who? oh, yeah. my entire family.

i'm so ADD when i blog! i just totally stopped writing for like, 20 minutes! i was off tweeting, and looking at Stuff on Heads (which was made by Austin and is fantastic!), and updating apps on my phone. ridiculous!

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