Friday, April 9, 2010

super-short, but on time! - BEDA 9

Blog Count: 9 Blogs Left: 21
Blog Fatigue: 2

irony. not the funny kind:

what's so ironic you ask? i started uploading earlier than usual. and it added extra time. (5 hours instead of 3) still, i was gonna make it! and now this. :(

ok, now for your feature presentation!

REALLY uneventful Friday! 2 cool things though: 1) i got to talk to Meg via Skype on my phone 2) i'm talking to Dome (now) <3 the fatigue meter is only that high cuz i'm tired. and the blog is being posted so late cuz i wanted to make those icons i mentioned before. almost done actually. but if i have to choose between a blog on time and a blog with epic icons (#completeoverstatement), in this case i'm gonna choose to be on time! i don't want to go back to the world of slanted views and technicalities. it's not very pleasant. :( and so, with 2 minutes to spare, i leave you now.

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