Thursday, April 8, 2010

a grumpy blog - BEDA 8

Blog Count: 8 Blogs Left: 22
Fatigue Meter: 5

don't know what happened to the blog meters for the last couple of blogs. moving on!

ok, so it's time to fess up. that "giant moth" that allegedly "tried to eat me" was really just a full sized regular moth that flew toward me and scared the crap out of me. although, in my defense, it had to be the creepiest moth ever. i heard this muffled crackling noise, and when i looked for where the sound was coming from, MOTH ATTACK!!! so yeah. creepy.

so, real quick, we're gonna look at the pictoral representation of my life:

mm, yeah. yep. i like to refer to it as "My Life in 8 Boxes," but you can call it any snarky thing you please, so long as you leave it in the comments.

i love that i've gone to often enough (and everywhere else seldom enough) that it's in my top 8! it's barely been up for a day! Everything either has to do with Google or Nerdfighters.

well, the fatigue meter's running kinda high today. which, honestly, is rather unexpected! all day i've been thinking of little things i could say or include, and just generally getting excited about it. (yes, i know that's pathetic.) but now that i'm actually doing the actual blogging... well, i don't really feel like blogging right now. i tried to watch some YT to kind of get me into a more "i wanna share with the world" mood, but to no avail. i apologize for being so crabby... that's what it is! i'm just tired and kinda cranky. sorry. :/

i'm either really paranoid or i'm right (i really hope i'm not right!) about my emails being excessive. both in content and in quantity. i always am trying to make sure that there aren't any misunderstandings and i think i might come off as bossy. and then i try to keep everyone informed, but i think i come off as... well, nagging. so if you've gotten email from me, and you really would rather i'd turn it down a notch, let me know. cuz any annoyance is definitely unintentional!

ok, i'm just reaching now. i'm too tired to talk about anything remotely interesting. though i AM looking forward to hearing about how things went at the Boulder stop on John Green's book tour! can't wait to get a chance to talk to Lydia about that! :D

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