Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pretend (i didn't forget) - BEDA 7

so, yeah. I totally posted this before midnight yesterday! #blatantshamefullies (welcome to the world of slanted views and technicalities!)

so the short version: Guide part 1, rental car, lost paycheck, Guide part 2, friends, Guide part 3.

Guide Part 1: since there was no car to take me to work, my only option was to stay home. but i figured i should make the most of my time, so i finished designing the missing page in the press package.

Rental Car: fortunately for my mother and i, the rental car place is a short walk from our house. the car is Toyota Yaris.

Lost Paycheck: along the way to the car rental place i removed my phone from my purse. completely unremarkable event. well, except that in the process i knocked my paycheck out of my purse. when a quick search at home revealed that i, in fact, had not left it behind, PANIC!!! VERY luckily, i had dropped it early on in the journey and it only took a minute of retraced steps before i found it.

Guide Part 2: emailed Sean and not a second after i pressed send, he logged in, so i chatted with him on GChat. result: was FINALLY launched!!! then i went about making edits to the sample page, but i didn't get very much done because...

Friends: talked on Skype about all kinds of nerdy stuff with some of the most awesome beings on the planet. namely, Meg, Lydia and Austin. :)

Guide Part 3: finished designing the press package and went to bed. then i realized that i needed to export it as a PDF and upload it. so i got out of bed, turned the computer back on, and created uploaded the PDF. then i went to bed. at 1am.

there was eating, and errands, and a good amount of procrastination mixed in there as well. XD

also, a giant moth tried to eat me. (to be continued...)

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