Monday, October 26, 2009

Too Long!

i'm sorry my poor neglected blog! i haven't taken the time to post to you since i became obsessed with that book! but don't you dare think it means i love you any less! <3

i'm just gonna go ahead and get my yayas out first (wow, that sounds a bit pornographic):

I AM OBSESSED with The Guide! it is my latest and greatest obsession. i can undeniably say it's my greatest because it's my first one that's going to result in money going to charity. which will end up improving the world. which, for me, is the ultimate goal in life. have no fear, i still have my obsessions with Dexter, Dr. Who, HP, and the Ning; but they're just all on the second shelf now.

i'm going to Hawaii! Nov. 25th to Dec. 1st! i've never been, so it's going to be awesome! i can't wait to go and just... ah! experience EVERYTHING! and i'll be taking pictures like a maniac! and- wow, i need to slow down on the exclamation points. but i'm super-extremely excited about this!

anyway, today i played hooky. just cuz it was better than going to work on a Monday. which gave me time to post a new video! oh yeah, and i've started vlogging. i've been wanting to, and i got a better camera, and i've posted two videos (1 & 2) so far. so, yay!

i have also started a Daily Booth account. it happened like this: @AlanDistro tweeted to follow him on Daily Booth. in order for me to do that, i had to create an account. so i did. and once it was created i figured, "might as well use it." hence my account on Daily Booth. (and it just took me hella long to find that damn tweet! i didn't realize i've been on DB for a month. :/)

and speaking of Alan, he broke The Guide Staff's collective hearts when after he commented on this picture and i wrote back, and Karolina wrote him an email, he responded to neither of us! Alan's a heartbreaker! we're still smarting from that one.

Random Reckonings:

i just realized that my candidate won in the last two elections i voted in! the American President and the Nerdfighterian President. :D

"hence" seems to be the word of the week. i've been using it everywhere lately!

*sigh* i hit "Update Podcast" for VLR with the sad, sick hope that something would download. it's sad to know Jimmy and Alex actually SEE each other all the time now, but still, VLR remains dead. i miss VLR. :(

i still wish i lived in England. things just seem to make more sense there.

Pics I'v Been Meaning to Post:

this is my basket of stuff i have at work. it will eat you!

been wanting to take these pictures for over a year now. the trick is, fog isn't too common in LA.

same pumpkin, two sides. Meg chose the confused face. and DFTBA on Daily Booth chose smiley face. :D

and a quick "weird shit" series:

please explain to me what part of a sandwich cookie is natural? real lard cream filling?

this is a straightening iron. her face is in between the elements of a straightening iron. ow!

they repackaged q-tips. no, wait! they wet it first.

it's not mouth wash, ok! it's Pre-Brush Rinse.

it's not actual whitening, it's just expressions of whitening.

"A new way to protect & rejuvenate your skin" yeah, ya know guys, i think there's a reason you've got a corner on the market. it's cuz you're the only one's stupid enough to want to smear snail slime on your face. oh, sorry. snail "extract."

it's not even Halloween yet. seriously?

and these are just awesome!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i know candy

i can't tell you all the state capitals, but i can identify a Milky Way. what is my life?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Macy's Men's Series

i still don't have much to say, but i have a few things to show. this is what you can find on the sale rack in the men's section of Macy's.

for when it's too hot to wear the hood, but you still wanna represent the clan.

downright manly...

and check out the detail!

the color! the buttons. i love it!

surely, it was just place in the wrong section.

also atrocious.

this concludes our horror show. i hope you, well perhaps not enjoyed it, but found it as cringe-worthy as i did.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

weirdos alike

i thought i was weird yesterday morning when, directly after breakfast, i decided to make brownies. when i heard the timer on the oven and took the brownies out of the oven to let them cool, i saw my brother was having breakfast.

about 20 minutes later my brother gets me to come into the kitchen. "that oughta do the trick!" he says.

he had frosted the brownies.

it's good to know there's someone in the universe who's just as weird as i am. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009


is it wrong that i sometimes have the urge to update my status thusly:

"i really can't stand you. any of you."

does it help that there are a few exceptions? as in i can count them on one hand. is it bad that there are so few exceptions?

it's love

i found these pictures on a dating site.

my favorite one is the handsome man in the lower right-hand corner. Kickin Yourass he calls himself. on a dating site. that's his first impression. his other alias is "You-just-made-me-so-angry You-made-me-do-it."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


at the company i work for, we keep track of the work we're doing by using job numbers. basically, when we do work under a specific project for a specific company, we post it to the corresponding job number. ex: engine design, for Plane Company, J#2222

take a gander at the last job number entry.

i'm not sure if i should be more concerned with what mistakes were made, or that there were so many of them that it actually requires a job number.


yes, "Word of the Day" email. i know you know what you're talking about. but i think you've gone to far this time. and i just don't believe you. foofaraw is simply a made up word. sure, you can argue that EVERY word is a made up word. but just because you're doesn't mean you can take the liberty of making up your own words, defining them, and posting them on your site. it's just not ethical.

it's a little bit insulting that you think i'm that gullible. next, you're going to tell me that kerfuffle is a real word!

Monday, October 5, 2009

dammit, Max Barry!

i just read this short story and i haven't felt impacted like that in a while! not since the HP series i think. i got really caught up! it doesn't end how you'd expect. really good!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall, dating, B2.0

this morning was the first morning that i could use a blanket! soon i'll be wearing sweaters and hoodies, wrapping myself in scarves, crunching leaves beneath my feet, and sitting beside open fires! ...okay, so not fires so much as computer screens, but those can be pretty exciting, too.

fall IS my favorite season, so i'm super-happy that the weather is cooling down (despite it having taken FOREVER to warm up). plus, my mom makes her famously delicious lasagna every fall. so i'll be doing my happy dance now till November!

i'll also be watching B2.0. first to last. because i haven't before. i've watched the first two weeks and now i can't believe i didn't start watching sooner! i get it now! i totally understand why everyone loves them so much. (as of now i'm at Jan. 25th)

also, i'm giving this a try (why not, i suppose):

i guess it can't hurt. i hope it can't hurt.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

picture show

here are some pictures i've taken. they're in chronological order... i think.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Socrates and eternal love

back in 1989, i was a mere 5 yrs. old. i enjoyed making mud pies, performing soap operas with my Jem dolls, perfecting my penmanship, and playing Socrates.

i'm gonna go ahead and say that this was the inception of my nerdom.**

i haven't thought about this game for YEARS! that is, until putting this into my car's cd player:

i - was - ELATED! all those happy hours learning my states and kicking ass at spelling! *satiated sigh* good times, good times.

in conclusion, i will love Lord Alex Day (no seriously, that's his legal name!) forever because he opened and closed the first song of his album with Socrates audio clips.

that song, as well as the rest of the album, is pretty good, too. you can check that out here if you'd like.

**this is obviously a blatant lie. i was CLEARLY born a nerd. i mean, i enjoyed perfecting my penmanship. i ENJOYED it!

--UPDATE-- 2009/10/03
the spazzy Daily Booth pic i took after opening my CD. taken from my phone- in the car:

it took embarrassingly long to get a shot i liked. then i was able to move on and go to the store for my mom and brother- whilst blasting Parrot Stories.