Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve

i can't believe it's the last day of the year. it's all gone by so fast!

if you told me January of last year that some of my coolest friends would end up being overseas, i wouldn't have believed you. i also didn't know what a Nerdfighter was, so...

if you asked me why i'm on the staff of The Guide and why i'm determined to make it a reality, i would tell you it's because being a Nerdfighter and being part of the Nerdfighter community has not only changed my life and exposed me to amazing people, but it has changed me! who and what i have at the top of my value list is different. and i never want that to change.

as for "irl" changes (irl being in quotes because some of the friendships i've made online this year seem more real than the ones in the supposed irl) nothing really has changed. i still go to work and see and talk to my friends occasionally. "occasionally" meaning almost never.

last year at this time i had a desperate hope that better things were coming.

so much unlike last year, i look forward to the new year! because i KNOW good things are coming! VidCon, for one thing, is guaranteed to be AWESOME! (plus it's happening the weekend before my birthday. so instead of a little party, i'll be going to VidCon!)

7NAP. it's fun! and we're just starting! which is so exciting! (video tomorrow! yay!)

The Guide. oh, The Guide. well, it's gonna be epic. and i'm freakin' part of it! i'm on the freakin' Staff! it can't be more awesome than that.

who knows what else this year holds for me? a podcast hopefully. but then, who knows?

see you all in the New Year! <3

Sunday, December 27, 2009

video quality

so i got a new camera and i've learned 1 thing. i CAN NOT upload my files as .wmv's. i did this and got this:

which really defeats the purpose of getting a new camera. so, it takes FOREVER to upload, but in the end i get this:

definitley worth the wait n'est ce pas?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

video no go?

so earlier i made and sent off my "secret" video. and i was SO happy cuz i was like, "yes! finished! and it's not painfully boring! (i was so afraid it would be really boring) so glad that's done and sent!" and then all the sudden, now that i've already sent it and it's definitely much, much too late, right as i was about to drag my finger across the touch pad and click the "shut down" button i thought, "what if nobody likes it? what if everybody thinks it's stupid? maybe i shouldn't post that. maybe i should make a new one." and then i realized, i can't make a new one because i already sent it in!!! why do my second thoughts always come to me as i'm drifting to sleep/shutting down my computer?! (which is the same thing in my head. the terms are interchangeable.)

i have decided that the only thing i can do in the mean time is be happy about being done with my P4A video! now this is particularly special to me because it is my first P4A video! i hope that the comments it gets aren't, "wow. this one's not that good." that and, "what's with the intro? that's the worst thing i've ever heard!"

wait. i started that paragraph in happy. when did it get all, "i'm just as paranoid about my P4A vid as i am about my 'secret' vid"-ish? because i'm not as paranoid about my P4A vid! i'm just mildly self-conscious. (which is pretty much my constant state of being.)

so yeah. now that i've gotten my ya-ya's out, i'm going to bed!


so... who's stressed out cuz they have to re-shoot one video, and do another that they should have done yesterday? yeah, yep, that would be me. i was supposed to have that stuff in the can! i don't know what happened!
ok, this is bad. now i'm lying to my blog. blatant neglect is one thing, but when the lying starts...
i, in fact, know EXACTLY what happened. i was like, "yeah, i know i have vids to shoot, but i'm just gonna sit here and watch YouTube, and talk to Sam, and Karolina, and Emma, and Amy instead. i'll shoot later." and then it was later. and i made a vid on my laptop. and the mic picked up the sound of the fan in my laptop, so now i have a P4A video with shitty sound, and that's simply unacceptable, and... this is a run-on sentence, i'm gonna use a period now. sorry for those i've offended with my complete abandon of grammar.
so long story short, i have to start churning out video as soon as i get home!
the good news is i did make an audio track for the P4A video intro. it's kind of bad, but i'm gonna use it anyway. so don't make fun of me when you hear it, k? thanx!

so... yeah. one day i'm gonna actually have to work while i'm at work. i am NOT looking forward to that day! there's too many things to do online!

ps. i love that one of the options in the dropdown when i type a "p" in the labels box is "half blood prince" followed by "harry potter." :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

probably not original...

music is fluid. instead of quenching your thirst, it quenches your soul.

that's probably not original, but that's what occured to me on my way home from work.

the tea is gone!

i wrote, Jack Sparrow stylee, on my dry erase board at work, "Why is the tea always gone?" and labled my picture "tea mug."

someone decided that the "tea" should, literally, be gone. XD

...well, i thought it was funny!

unexpected beauty

you know what i love?

i love when you're just driving along in your car, putting on make-up at stop lights, driving as fast as you safely can, and all of the sudden BAM!

absolutely beautiful tree with all its red leaves, half of them blanketing the ground surrounding it on the side of the road. just gorgeous. random gorgeous.

that's what i love. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nerdfighters (and The Guide) are Awesome!

oh blog, even when i neglect you, you're still here for me.

which, when you think about it, isn't very healthy. and if you had any self respect, you would leave me. but lucky for me, you are not a person and self respect is not an issue for you. and so you stay.

now that i'm done exploring the depths of me and my blog's abusive relationship, i can talk about other stuff. like my new appreciation for the word "ratiocination."

ratiocination rash-ee-ah-suh-NAY-shun

The process of logical reasoning.

finally! "Nice guy, but no ratiocination." as opposed to "Nice guy, but no sense of logic." what once was three words, now is one! what does it say about me, as a person, that i have the willingness and the need to accept this word into my daily vocabulary? let's not explore that.

hey, remember that time when The Guide wrote to Alan, and he said The Guide was a bad idea, and everyone got kinda bummed out? and then remember all the hilarious Alan jokes that ensued?! (oh, the lols! good times!) and then remember 2 weeks later when Hank said it was a good idea. and then remember a month later when John emailed saying it was a good idea. and remember when we all got to say, "in your face Alan! SUCK IT!" but we were all too awesome to say that. (at least not publicly!) yeah. yeah... that was SO AWESOME!!!

so, i've an observation to share:
twitter is SO much fun when you're mutually following Nerdfighters! twitter is my new favorite IM! <3 my morning was filled with alien rhino men (aka. "guys in rhino suits"), culture package planning, and memory manipulation! since i don't know ALL Nerdfighters, i could be wrong on this, but i'm pretty fairly certain that MY Nerdfighter friends are the most awesome.

oh, yeah. and rl is still boring. just in case someone was under the misguided delusion that it suddenly became overwhelmingly awesome. yeah, it's still not.

ps. i started writing this at 8:45am! ADD much?!

Monday, December 7, 2009



why would i want to read a blog called "my life is crap?" that obviously isn't gonna be much fun! plus, maybe we could try proper capitalization when naming our blogs? just a suggestion.

Friday, December 4, 2009


i still have the urge to blog everyday... but i'm not having adventures! no one wants to hear the play by play of my work day. not even me!

**ps. i just Googled "emo tear" and looked at the image results, and that's what i found! :)**

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 7

Last Maui Morning

so we woke up at 5am today to catch the sunrise.

this morning is bittersweet. i don't want to leave, but i'm excited to go home. i'm gonna miss driving through rolling hills of sugar cane, the sweet, sweet air, and the big blue water.

*sigh* time to go back home.