Friday, April 2, 2010

remember not to forget! - BEDA 2

blog count: 2 blogs remaining: 28
fatigue meter: 1

ok, the fatigue meter already has a 1, but that's because i'm posting so late. where did the time go?! so yeah. welcome to day 2!

i thought of all kinds of clever things i could blog about all day! now that it's 11:30pm and i'm doing the actual blogging, i have nothing to say. i think this is a phenomenon that probably has some kind of mathematical equation attached to it that calculates the probability of enticing banter being included. but sadly, more for me than for you, i am mathematically challenged. (yet somehow hoping and praying whilst swiping my debit card is an effective method for keeping my bank balance out of the red! who needs math?)

so... there's a gathering tomorrow! now, hopefully this doesn't turn out to be a gathering of just me and Tiff. not that i don't think that would be awesome, but a gathering is traditionally supposed to consist of more than 2 people. :/
i also hope that the gathering doesn't include a random creepy guy who stumbled upon my tweet advertising the gathering. (enter mouth breather a la "Hey Arnold!")

ack! there are still so many things for me to do! a lot of little things, but if i forget them, well, it might not be disastrous, but it won't be preferable either. like remembering to set up tweets to announce the meeting on Sunday. will the world end if i don't do this? of course not. will some people forget to show up and others not even know about it, therefore missing a major opportunity of increasing awesome? yes! and that would MAJORLY bug me!

ok, got 6 minutes to get this blog up while i can still officially call this day 2. so i'm gonna post it now and not 7 minutes from now when i'll have to enter the world of slanted views and technicalities.

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