Tuesday, April 13, 2010

cute stories - BEDA 12/13

now, we could pretend there was a post yesterday, but then we'd be venturing far past the world of slanted views and technicalities, and straight into delusional. besides, i can't lie to you blog! lying to you would be like lying to myself. ...actually it IS lying to myself. and, frankly, if i'm going to start lying to myself, i might as well go all the way. i'd want to be fabulously rich with a pony. i don't want to ride the pony of course! i only want it to show that i have enough money to maintain a pony. but i digress!

so, i'm a weirdo who actually enjoys hearing my coworker's stories about their kids. (they're just these little people, ya know. yet to be tarnished by the world. how their little minds develop is absolutely fascinating!) so boss #3 is talking about his 2 1/2 yr. old son. "The probability of me finishing these (his green beans) isn't very high," he says. god, but i hope when (if) i have kids they say awesome stuff like that!

and while we're on the topic of cute things: today i discovered i'd used the last of the toilet tissue when i went to replace the roll. i was very loudly complaining about this when my brother walked in and, very sweetly, asked for the empty cardboard roll. "out of toilet tissue? the roll?" he says with an outstretched hand. "what? you want this?" i say, handing it to him. he happily takes it, presses it to his eye, and says, "telescope!" as he walks away. you can't not love that!

so, i'm getting way to tired to keep writing and i may or may not be having a Skype meeting with Sean tomorrow morning, so i need to sleep so i don't do anything stupid in a half conscious state. like ok a page that's in fuschia. not that i think Sean would make a page in fuschia, but still.

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