Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storm Before the Calm - BEDA 11

Fatigue Meter:3


So now the only thing left is to finish the logistics of sending them out and I can be done thinking about them! I'll be so glad not to be thinking about them! Especially since it's seriously cutting into my blog meter design time! i mean, seriously. priorities!

so beside the usual Guide meeting which went rather well... all but Kip, Amy and Karolina were there actually, so that's really good! and Karolina wasn't there because she was busy being ridiculously awesome and representing the Guide at John Green's book tour!

however, before the meeting did not go so smoothly. despite my best intentions to get everything done before the meeting, In-Design refused to start properly. :/ and when i finally got it to start properly, my brother decided to flood the kitchen. so instead of having plenty of time to finish everything, i barely made it to the meeting on time!

now, i'd love to share more hilarious stories, but i have only one minute to hit that post button, so...

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