Monday, March 22, 2010

who the eff is...

Sometimes the weirdest thing you hear on the radio is not the 12 yr. old singing "thought you'd always be mine" about his first love. I mean, it's obviously ridiculous, but to be fair, what else does a 12 yr. old have to sing about? Unless he's one of the more imbalanced 12 yr. olds, there won't be any songs concerning drugs, sex, booze, sketchy past experiences, and those years gone and passed.
No. What's weird is the little rap bridge performed by Ludacris where he reminisces about his first broken heart at 13. Really Ludacris? I mean, I'm not your biggest fan or anything, but you're a platinum artist who's been in Academy Award winning movies. By doing songs with fly by night Justin Beiber, you're just denigrating yourself.
Is this what celebrity is nowadays? Clinging to the teen pop flavor of the week in order to stay relevant? And what does it say about society that we'll forget you unless you do something with the teen pop flavor of the week? Why do i even know about the teen pop flavor of the week?! ...oh, right. my guilty pleasure is TMZ. ...and Jessie was hanging out on the beach with him.
but i'd know who he is anyway because of all the radio chatter i've heard and billboards i've seen!
maybe it's just me, but would it be so bad if we talked about more important things? something i need to know like the time and channel of the president's speeches or the death toll in Iraq. ya know, something a little more important than who's the next kid we'll be replacing (and forgetting) when he turns 18. Aaron Carter? anyone? anyone?

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