Tuesday, April 6, 2010

internet life/breakdown - BEDA 6

oh, the title is misleading. i mean, it's accurate, but the subjects are unrelated. there was no breakdown in my internet life, although there was a bit of internet life involved in the breakdown. so maybe the title isn't so misleading after all...

so, today was so boring compared to yesterday! no live internet broadcasts, no disturbing tweets from my government, no blogging (nearly) hourly... wow. my life really does take place online, doesn't it?

the real fun began when my mom came to pick me up from work (another exciting adventure in sharing a car!) and as she pulled away from the curb, the car died. or at the very least refused to accelerate. it seemed not to want to switch out of first gear. or in fact switch completely into first gear. :/
however, armed with a phone and a AAA card, i called for help and after towing the car to the mechanic, the tow truck guy was kind enough to take us home! :)

  • my poor mom seemed so stressed out!
  • my thinking ahead and keeping an extra shirt in the car finally paid off! :)
  • i got to talk to my friends on twitter throughout the ordeal
the empty half of the glass in this event rather depresses me, so instead i shall view only full part of the glass for now (and during this post)! the car may be in the shop, but at least that means i don't have to go to work tomorrow. :) time at home equals me finishing projects for the Guide and finishing little personal projects, and not being bored to death by my work. yay! ok, i'm falling asleep and in danger of nodding off. if it were 2 in the afternoon, i wouldn't be concerned. but it's 11:30pm and the chances of me waking up and pressing "publish post" before midnight are slim to none. so rather than fail and feel ridiculous for missing a day of BEDA for something so stupid, i'm gonna end the blog here! to elaborate on the topic of what i said yesterday about online friends and internet life, i shall leave you with this comment made to an IRL friend on Facebook today:
"...and yeah, i've made myself a little Blogspot home. and i stay at YouTube at least once a week. i also hang out on Twitter a lot. lots of cool people there. i venture into the IRL only to make money and to meet up with the people i hang out with on Twitter. oh, and Skype. i love Skype! :) (wow, i just reread that and... it's a lot more literal than i intended. :/)"

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