Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Icons - BEDA 10

Blogging Fatigue: 1

so, for some reason, i slept like, ALL DAY! i don't know what the hell made me so tired, but either way it's thrown my time off! i thought it was only quarter past 10, but apparently it was quarter past 11. :/

so i finished one of the icons, as you can see, but i ran out of time to do the other :( oh well. after i finish writing this though, i can see other BEDA/VEDA posts! yay!

so the only thing i did accomplish today was sending Sean an email about the site and all things concerning it. but that's better than getting nothing done, right?

oh, and in my quest to catch up on all my subscriptions, i finally watched one of Clive's "Clive's Angels" videos (<-- that is correct, but doesn't look like it. quotes should help!) and found this:

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