Thursday, April 15, 2010

in no rush (finally!)

Fatigue Meter: 0

oh, hai blog!

so i'm in a MUCH better mood than when i last got down to the business of blogging. though i must give myself props for being that concise while i was half asleep! i can't be that terse when i'm fully conscious and making my best efforts!

however, even twitter, the ever-so-famed "micro-blogging" with its 140 characters, would have been infinitely more descriptive than i was yesterday.

so, there is solid proof that Sean is in the running for most awesome being in the universe. and by solid i mean not so much tangible as available online: and if you ask me (a girl who has stronger, healthier online friendships than IRL friendships), that's just as real, if not more so.

ok, that "taxes! grr!" thing was cuz... well, for all the paranoid worrying (which correct me if i'm wrong, but i think i'm known for) that i do, my mom cranks that up a notch. ...or ten.
so a situation that i was already tensely biting my lips over, she was screaming about. i love my mom. generally a smarty, witty, caring, loving, compassionate and CALM person. *carefully measuring words* she was driving me FUCKING crazy!!! i was exhausted just WATCHING her freak out! just imagine, if at all possible, that i looked like the stable, calm thinker in the situation. yeah. it was that scary.

so, tonight was taxes panic part two. you see, i was trying to file online. the feds took my money (i actually owed this year! ugh!!!), not a hitch. the state, who owes me, is like REJECTED! part of the problem is the site i chose to use, but i'm not even going to delve into the finer, more snooze worthy details. point is, i had to print out a form, scribble my John Hancock (i HATE that term! why did i even use it? i get it, i know the history of the term. but I am NOT Mr. Hancock, and... well it's just inaccurate!), and drive down to the post office to drop it off. left at about 8, returned at about 9. round trip without psycho bumper to bumper traffic for the last three blocks is about 20 minutes. maybe 25. yeah, exactly. endless fun! i only wish i could do this EVERY night! (did you, did you catch the sarcasm? careful, it's heavy!)

so, because i know you were TOTALLY craving MORE talk about the Guide in this blog, here we go! i am currently working on an outline for how the staff will be organized so that we can competently handle the (hopefully) thousands of submissions. also, i'm organizing the agenda for the staff only meeting that needs to take place so that we can discuss, perfect and enact this outline. i LOVE working on the Guide! i definitely went to school for the right stuff. (journalism) :)

so, tomorrow the rental car goes back. you remember the rental car, right? that was a fun story! so yeah. the thing too depressing to mention then, we'll just tackle real quick now. my mother and i were saving up for the down payment on a new car. ALL of that money went to fix our old car. yeah. we're still not over that. so now i'm like, can we just keep the rental? i like that little, zippy car! except i want it in a Honda version (the "Fit." ugh! what an awful name for a car!). i'm just a little scared every time i hit the brake in that Toyota. :/

man! we're at the half way point fellow BEDAers! yay for us! :D

P.S. @Lydia i love that you're enjoying the "Fatigue Meter"! maybe i should make icons for my blog after this too? and for the Guide blog if i can! :D

P.S.S i like the new ALL CAPS album more than i thought i would. and i thought i would like it, so what i mean is i like it A LOT! (listen to it on my Ning page)

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