Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Day! Yay! - BEDA 30

well, here we all are on the last day of BEDA!

i'm glad it's done, but i'm gonna miss it, too! i kind of like planning ahead for what i'm gonna write for my blogs. :) i think from now on, my blogs will be a bit more centered instead of just a random flow of whatever.

so i'm already scripting my first video for 5 Biggest Dorks! i'm really excited about it! i've never scripted a video before! i mean, i'm usually using notes. but those are just bullet points. i don't actually write anything i'm gonna say ahead of time! but i kind of have to for this. it's gonna be history packed into 2-4 minutes. i can't cut myself off or edit something out. and i can't ramble on, so i have to script it. i'm glad with this project i have two weeks to plan, record and edit each video! i have to post on Monday, but i don't have to record it on Monday. like how 7NAP chronicles my life one Friday at a time. not that i'm giving up 7NAP any time soon, i like that too much! but this is fun cuz it's completely different from anything else i've done. :)

plus, i think it's something Nerdfighters will enjoy watching because it's gonna feature 5 different personalities in 5 different locations completely nerding out about something they enjoy. i'd watch it! i mean, i'm just as excited about seeing what the others are going to do as much as i am about making my video. plus, besides Austin, i'm meeting 3 new people via this project! so i'm excited about the possible friendships i'm about to make.

well, blogosphere, for the last time we can call this BEDA this year:


Thursday, April 29, 2010

ok, seriously, Chelsea? you're procrastinating your blogs now? but you're almost done! *shakes head in disappointment*

the most ridiculous part: i had this blog all planned out. what i was going to talk about, there was a theme, just... *sigh* this was going to be the blog that made up for the past couple of weak ones. and then do you know what happened? i started to read Adam the Alien's blog post about collabs!

ok, less than a minute. gotta hit post!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you can call me Monday - BEDA 28

so blog, we're almost done blogging every day in April. i still haven't found something to do in May, but who knows? maybe i'll find inspiration on May 1st.

so yesterday i saw the movie Chloe. now i generally liked the movie but i thought a couple of scenes were a bit pornographic and unnecessary.

my mom (not having seen it yet): so, what did you think of it?
me: i dunno. i liked it. but some scenes were a bit pornographic.
my mom: well, you are a bit of a prude, so... *shrugs*

my mother called me a prude!!! wha... how... just... wtf?

so, on May 10th, i'm gonna be in a new collab channel. (i'll still be do Friday on 7NAP, i'll just be doing this as well) this one was thought up by my friend Austin during her walk home. she was inspired by the song "Hey Kristina" by ALL CAPS. in particular the line, "Hey Kristina, i'm one of the 5 biggest dorks i know." hence the channel name, "5 Biggest Dorks."

So this is gonna be bi-weekly. or from a viewer standpoint, Mon-Wed-Fri one week, then Tue-Thu the next week. so there'll be posts every week, but we'll only be posting every other week. which is good because this isn't just a get-to-know-you collab. i actually have to plan and probably (at least loosely) script my video. The idea is five people, each nerdy in their own way. i'm the history nerd. and i'm on Monday. so i'm starting of the week this time, instead of being nestled deep into the week where no one will notice me too much.

but i'm really excited about it too. cuz i've been wanting to do another project because i want to do something that makes me blog more often, and i wanted to do something different from 7NAP. so i said yes before i even knew what i was doing when Austin brought it up today. it took a while of me and Austin talking it out before i decided to do history. i kept thinking of it as this really dull torture full of research topics i don't care about. because that's what history was for me in school. but that's not this. this is the parts of history that i find interesting. researching and learning about them will be fun, not tedious and torturous.

ok, blog. i'd write more, but i'm falling asleep! so i'll have to say goodnight for now. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

write about Alan

so, i'm just gonna be honest: i'm still not inspired. but i am listening to Alan Lastufka's new CD. only 2 tracks in so far so there's only 2 things i can say so far: 1) i don't know what i was expecting, but i was a bit surprised. 2) i like it so far.
and one more thing, i love the way it sounds like you're listening to the radio. that's a really cool idea. extra awesome points.
maybe i'll talk more about it tomorrow, when i've listened to the whole thing.
oh, and if anyone's wondering how i'm already listening to the album when the pre-orders just started today (you obviously haven't pre-ordered it yourself, nor been following Alan's VEDA), you get the whole 2 disc album complete with album art for download as soon as you order it. i only wish they had started this with the ALL CAPS album. i swear i seriously thought about emailing Alan and presenting him with my case for why he should send me the ALL CAPS digitally. i didn't because i figured he'd think i was completely mad. well, i guess i was wrong. though it does make me wonder if he came up with the idea on his own or if someone as crazy and impatient as me asked him to send the CD digitally. (my case was going to be "i already paid for it. i'm going to rip the CD as soon as i receive it anyway. you've got the money, i want to listen to it on my ipod. why not just let me have it now?")
well, as fascinating as this blog has been, i'm going to have to end it now. i plan to write something much more interesting tomorrow. i mean, there's only 3 blogs left. gotta make 'em good right? (or at least decent.) :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

uninspired - BEDA 26

sorry blog. i have yet to be inspired tonight. i really have nothing interesting to say at the moment. i'm sure you're arguing that i never have anything interesting to say. to which i reply that this is true, and we both know this, but it's just plain mean spirited and in poor taste for you to rub it in my face.

hopefully i'll have a better, longer, more inspired blog tomorrow. (wow, that sentence looked like it was headed for "that's what she said" territory for a second there! XD)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

real friends online - BEDA 25

ok, i have limited time, but i'm in a much better mood, so let's try this again shall we?

from Feb 5th:
so i've been thinking a lot lately about how awkward and slightly creepy it is to have friends online. don't get me wrong, i love you guys. but, see, that's the problem. it's kind of creepy that i love you guys.
let's look at the facts. with the exception of one person, i have never actually met any of the people i talk to online. i have a few people's addresses, but no one's phone numbers. i know what all of you look like, sound like, and quite a few of your favorite things. i know your aspirations and even a few of your fears. i also happen to talk to most of you at least once a day. even if only briefly via twitter. and if i don't talk to you, i at least get an update via twitter/facebook/youtube/your blog.
ps. i wish the content of my blogs matched the quality of most of my titles. :/

the conclusion: once again, i point to how i wrote the last line first. most times i find i write better when i'm leading up to a conclusion. and i really do wish the content of my blogs matched the quality of my titles. ah well!

so yeah. by the average non-computer nerd standard, we don't know each other. at all. how much can you know about someone if you only ever met them over the computer.

i, NOT being the average non-computer nerd, say that you can know A LOT! especially when the lot of you are on YouTube. we see each other. which makes a HUGE difference. i probably wouldn't give my ... no, i'll correct myself: i WOULD NEVER give my address to someone i've never seen. and i think i've actually gotten stricter about that since i've become a "youtuber." before i thought talking to people via video was just an alternative to text. now i know that talking to people via video is a whole different experience!

there are things about personality and inflection and attitude that you just can't see in text. and there's something unique about seeing the same person in reality that you've already met on your screen. meeting someone you've only seen in a picture and text is meeting someone for the first time. meeting someone you've talked to via video is just an affirmation.

and if you're like me, than you realize just how real and valid online friendships can be when your "irl" friendships are mostly online as well. i haven't seen any of my irl friends in almost a year. any contact i have had with them has been online, and not anywhere near as frequently as i talk to my online friends. our interactions are far less personal as well. we talk in short messages on facebook. the basics are shared and that is all. they don't watch my videos. they don't read my blogs. they don't follow me on twitter. i don't think they even know what daily booth is. it's not that they don't have access to these things. it's that they don't find value in these things. they view these things as a form of vanity instead of a form of communication.

their interpretation: YT= look at me! blog = look at me! twitter = LOOK at me! daily booth= LOOK AT ME!!!

my interpretation: YT = talk to me (breaks the ice!) blog = tell me your opinion twitter = how's your day? daily booth = let me share

all of it is interactive. it's not some psycho, narcissistic exhibitionism. it's not some twisted, permissible voyeurism. it's not, in fact, creepy. it's communication.

unfortunately, if it's not your method of communication, it doesn't seem valid. but aren't we lucky to know how very valid, and real, and wonderful it is. :) <3

Saturday, April 24, 2010

boy or girl? - BEDA 24

hi blog! so, as promised, grumpy Chelsea went to sleep last night and awoke as refreshed, even-tempered, sound-minded, messy-haired, happy Chelsea. i would have linked to the grumpy Chelsea 7NAP video yesterday, but it was still uploading, so here it is today:

so, yes, i still think it epically sucked that i didn't get to make the super-fun video i wanted to make due to lack of tweet participation, but i think i made a pretty good video despite me not wanting to even look at my camera, let alone turn it on, talk at it for 10 minutes, and then spend 45 minutes editing. that's right. 45 minutes, sometimes an hour. aka i suck at editing. don't judge me.

but i digress. actually no, i didn't digress at all. i was completely on topic, however not the topic i would like to blog about today, and i rather like saying "digress" so i said it anyway. i also like saying "remiss" but i seldom get to say it. however now, i really am digressing.

so here it is kids! blog 24! (except not literally blog 24 because i kinda failed a couple times. :/)
(wait, are you cheering about the blog, or the fail?)

so, i'm making a sincere effort to catch up on the backlog in my sub box. and, in doing that, i'm making a lot of comments today. and sometimes, when i comment on a guy's stuff, i tend to say things that are very girly because i am, after all, a girl, but i have a kind of guyish s/n. (coolhandjohnny) more than once i have found myself adding to the end of my comment, "i'm a girl btw." i was about to do it today, but then left it off. the comment was on an sxephil video and i said, "i love that you love me in a weird way, and i love you in a weird way as well." (or something extremely similar.) and sometimes there are videos that ask for female viewer opinions that i also feel it necessary to append my disclaimer.

the thing is: is it necessary to append my disclaimer?

again, i say i didn't add it the sxephil love comment because i thought, "well, worst case scenario people think i'm a strange guy or gay guy." which isn't bad, i'd just much rather people know that i'm a girl.
now i chose my s/n because i wanted something generic, maybe even a bit guyish because, it's sadly still a fact that, male opinions get more respect than female. i've been in debates in comment sections before where, when they knew i was a girl, the rebuttal included sexist remarks that called me out as inferior for being a woman. while i've also gotten remarks from equally sexist guys who said sexist remarks to the female sounding s/n's (like sexyangel), but gave me a legitimate, albeit idiotic, answer.

so it's both served me well, and failed me. i also find that it's rather unique, so it does serve as identifying me as the individual that is coolhandjohnny. if you see that s/n, you can pretty much rest assured that it's me. but also, it comes from the movie Cool Hand Luke. and while i remember the impression the movie left behind (i cried and everything!), i don't remember too much of the movie itself. and as such, does it represent the individual that is me?

i also would like to properly add the conclusion to the February blog fragment i inserted into yestertay's blog, but as this is getting rather lengthy, i'll save that for tomorrow.

Friday, April 23, 2010

bad mood

Fatigue Meter: 10

Chelsea and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

ok, so it wasn't that bad (like at all), but i still wanted to say that. (book nostalgia FTW!)i wish i had written my blog earlier when i was in a better mood.

as much as i'd like to say i'm totally over it, i'm totally not over the fact that my plan for an epic video was epic alright. an epic fail.

so, i sent this tweet this morning. and no one replied. which rather sucked since i think it was a genuinely good idea.

it's times like these that make you want to delete your twitter account. :/

anywho, since i sent the "important" email with all the details that everyone needs to know for the big meeting on Sunday, i really haven't wanted to think about the Guide. and for the most part, i haven't thought about it. i have tweets set to be sent automatically, so the one today was actually written days ago.

ugh! i'm talking about twitter again!

from Feb 5th:
so i've been thinking a lot lately about how awkward and slightly creepy it is to have friends online. don't get me wrong, i love you guys. but, see, that's the problem. it's kind of creepy that i love you guys.
let's look at the facts. with the exception of one person, i have never actually met any of the people i talk to online. i have a few people's addresses, but no one's phone numbers. i know what all of you look like, sound like, and quite a few of your favorite things. i know your aspirations and even a few of your fears. i also happen to talk to most of you at least once a day. even if only briefly via twitter. and if i don't talk to you, i at least get an update via twitter/facebook/youtube/your blog.
ps. i wish the content of my blogs matched the quality of most of my titles. :/

my thoughts now: first, i'd like to point out that this is a perfect example of the fact that sometimes i write the last line before i'm finished with the post. i did that with my last blog entry as well.

ugh! i keep trying to turn this blog around and make it positive, but my mood just really sucks! every time i make an attempt to turn it around, it just u-turns and goes right back to negative! i can't write an entry about internet friends when i'm this moody. ok, i'm going to stop this blog post before it gets any worse, and i'm going to bed before my mood can get any worse.

good night!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

seeing the arrow

because damned Alex Day turns off comments on his blog after a while, i can't make this comment on the appropriate post. but i can't just not share this either.

now, i read that post before, and it bugged me then. now, for some reason, it was still in my reader "unread". which allowed it to bug me again. what, exactly is it that bugs me?

well, dear reader, i make my living by, among other things, sending FedEx packages. For the past 2 years there hasn't been a work day gone by without me seeing one. Therefore, my complete bewilderment at having never seen said arrow in the logo absolutely infuriated me! however, upon the first read of that blog entry, it was a busy day at work and i had to spend my time sending FedEx and not staring at it.

but today i was determined. "dammit, if anyone should see that arrow, it should be me!" i thought. "i'm gonna walk to my back area and stare at that FedEx box (there is, in fact, a large sized FedEx box sitting back there) until i see that arrow!" and i got up, marched to the back and stared at the FedEx box. i frowned, as i saw nothing. "maybe if i tilt my head, look from different angles, another perspective?" a small tilt to the right, and i FINALLY SAW IT! there the arrow was. and i was so excited, i had to come share with you about it! i won't tell you where it is, because that moment when your perception shifts is magical and i wouldn't want to deprive you of that. but here's the logo so you can see it for yourself! :)

in hindsight, i coulda just asked the FedEx guy. but, honestly, where's the fun in that?

slanted views and technicalities

Fatigue Meter: 8

Location: Firmly Settled in the Land of Slanted Views and Technicalities

well, if you want to get technical, this is the middle of the night for me. i'll be going to sleep and wake up in the morning.

there is SO much to say, but i really do need to go back to sleep. (i woke up like 10 minutes ago.)

so yeah.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

seriously?! - BEDA 20

Fatigue Meter: 5

i told myself earlier that i should just blog and get it out of the way, but did i listen to myself? of course not! freakin' know-it-all!
no, i had to say, "no, i'll have PLENTY of time later! i won't even get tired!" yeah, i don't know who's character and past experiences i was thinking of when i came to that conclusion, but it clearly wasn't mine!

and quickly, for the record, i tried to upload all the icons for the rest of the month again tonight and it worked flawlessly. i didn't do ANYTHING different from last night. the interenet (or at least Photobucket) was just intent upon fucking me over.

so today's challenge was trying not to fall asleep at work. i wasn't really tired, it was just really boring. i was NOT in a work mood today. :/

also, one of my coworkers wanted me to make a PDF of a report. i suggested that they send me the Word doc and i'd convert it, as opposed to running it through the copier and scanning it to PDF, because that way it's a smaller file.
Coworker: "Oh! It is?"
Me: "Yep!" :)
Coworker: "Ok, i'll tell Dave to send you the file."
Not 5 minutes pass when said coworker walks into my office and says, "so Dave's gonna send you the file, so just convert it to a PDF, so that way it's a smaller file, ok?"


i wish i were exaggerating. even just a little bit. but i'm not. i think i should at least get a gold star or something for simply replying, "ok" and nodding instead of letting the commentary in my head stream out of my mouth, which was, "seriously?! i just told YOU that not 5 minutes ago! you're telling me now?"

and i'm not even going to get into the time she gave me a crash course in how to effectively change modes on the phone. oh wait, i did that rant, didn't i? see? i don't always neglect my blog!

well, i've got crap to finish and email to the Guide staff, so i'll end it here. see you tomorrow blogsphere!

ps. Lydia, now every time i say, "seriously?!" i think of "Really?! with Lydia and Chelsea." (omg! that poor hookworm!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

NF friends are awesome!

so, me, thinking i'm rather freakin' clever, was like, "yeah. i'm gonna go ahead and upload all the icons for the rest of the month RIGHT NOW!" which, honestly isn't a bad idea. and actually would be rather clever and convenient. but when i tried to do it, Photobucket was like, "what? you want to use the multiple upload functionality? and you know it'll work cuz you've done it dozens of times before? no, you're wrong! i hate your face!" and personally, i thought that was a little bit harsh. but apparently Photobucket disagrees, and since it's 11pm. i really don't have time to reason with it right now.

so, i just had a most awesome convo with Lydia! i got to vent so my head won't be exploding after all! AND i still think it would be hilarious if we really did do the collab we were talking about. at the very least, we would thoroughly amuse ourselves.

i also am still talking to Dome. <3 for anyone who doesn't know, Dome is the best person with which to discuss the parallels between Buffy and Dr Who. i would even go so far as to say that, if you haven't already, you should watch both series just so that you can have such conversations. XD oh! writer's block! writer's block! ack! so, on Saturday, at my Aunty Judy's wedding reception, i forgot my purse. since my mom was going to visit her today anyway, she's bringing it home with her. which is really good, cuz it means i can stop driving without my license now! #examplesofwhatyoushouldntdo so, we're already more than half way through April, and as we get closer to the end, i can't help feeling like we should be preparing for something else in May. some other activity we can do every day that connects and strengthens friendships. **watched Dome's latest video**

alright, it's time for me to go to bed. g'night!

((NOTE)) 4/20/2010: i don't know what happened with the formatting on that last paragraph, but i didn't write it as one huge block of text. that's so awful! :/

Sunday, April 18, 2010

one for the kids

hey kids! it's blog time!

so i'm afraid this is going to be another short one. it's getting late and i still have things to do. so i'll be brilliant tomorrow (yeah, right!), ok?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 for 1!!! :D

Fatigue Meter: 0


so guess who just woke up and remembered her blog! ha!

so i was all about getting my 7NAP video up in time, and like most weeks, went to bed after i hit upload, but FORGOT TO WRITE A BLOG!!!!!

and just to add insult to injury, i talked about BEDA in my video. yeah, genius right?

and i actually very nearly forgot i had to do a video! i was all, "i'm gonna spend a half an hour (at work) to take a look at this outline/agenda for the Guide." and then, i suddenly remembered it was Friday, and started watching all the 7NAP videos for the week.

so anyway, i suddenly realized that in that "IMPORTANT" email that i tried to get everyone on staff to read, i told them i was gonna have a preliminary plan outline and agenda ready for them by Sunday, about Tuesday at the latest. this means i have to transfer all my thoughts i scribbled on paper to the computer. and transcribing just isn't one of my favorite activities. :/

i'm sure, if i had written any of that yesterday, it would be sprinkled with clever little things i pondered over the day. but i didn't, so it's not. sorry.

so my aunt's wedding reception is later today. and i'm just like, "holy, hell! what am i going to wear?!" which is the problem when you're a nerd girl who 1) likes the indoors better than outdoors 2) thinks that wearing pajamas anytime should become acceptable 3) has 75 t-shirts and maybe 5 dress tops.

i have been known to not attend parties simply because i had nothing appropriate to wear. do i remedy this and go shopping? no. of course not! that would be completely sound and logical thinking! instead i tell myself i didn't want to go anyway, i don't even really like those people, and anywhere jeans and a t-shirt is unacceptable is unacceptable to me!

but that's not the only thing happening today. what am i REALLY excited for? DR. WHO!!! don't even bother trying to explain that i should be more excited for my aunt. there's no point. you'll have better luck trying to explain to someone that the grass is, in fact, a pleasant shade of pale orange. besides, who doesn't love Dr. Who? oh, yeah. my entire family.

i'm so ADD when i blog! i just totally stopped writing for like, 20 minutes! i was off tweeting, and looking at Stuff on Heads (which was made by Austin and is fantastic!), and updating apps on my phone. ridiculous!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

in no rush (finally!)

Fatigue Meter: 0

oh, hai blog!

so i'm in a MUCH better mood than when i last got down to the business of blogging. though i must give myself props for being that concise while i was half asleep! i can't be that terse when i'm fully conscious and making my best efforts!

however, even twitter, the ever-so-famed "micro-blogging" with its 140 characters, would have been infinitely more descriptive than i was yesterday.

so, there is solid proof that Sean is in the running for most awesome being in the universe. and by solid i mean not so much tangible as available online: and if you ask me (a girl who has stronger, healthier online friendships than IRL friendships), that's just as real, if not more so.

ok, that "taxes! grr!" thing was cuz... well, for all the paranoid worrying (which correct me if i'm wrong, but i think i'm known for) that i do, my mom cranks that up a notch. ...or ten.
so a situation that i was already tensely biting my lips over, she was screaming about. i love my mom. generally a smarty, witty, caring, loving, compassionate and CALM person. *carefully measuring words* she was driving me FUCKING crazy!!! i was exhausted just WATCHING her freak out! just imagine, if at all possible, that i looked like the stable, calm thinker in the situation. yeah. it was that scary.

so, tonight was taxes panic part two. you see, i was trying to file online. the feds took my money (i actually owed this year! ugh!!!), not a hitch. the state, who owes me, is like REJECTED! part of the problem is the site i chose to use, but i'm not even going to delve into the finer, more snooze worthy details. point is, i had to print out a form, scribble my John Hancock (i HATE that term! why did i even use it? i get it, i know the history of the term. but I am NOT Mr. Hancock, and... well it's just inaccurate!), and drive down to the post office to drop it off. left at about 8, returned at about 9. round trip without psycho bumper to bumper traffic for the last three blocks is about 20 minutes. maybe 25. yeah, exactly. endless fun! i only wish i could do this EVERY night! (did you, did you catch the sarcasm? careful, it's heavy!)

so, because i know you were TOTALLY craving MORE talk about the Guide in this blog, here we go! i am currently working on an outline for how the staff will be organized so that we can competently handle the (hopefully) thousands of submissions. also, i'm organizing the agenda for the staff only meeting that needs to take place so that we can discuss, perfect and enact this outline. i LOVE working on the Guide! i definitely went to school for the right stuff. (journalism) :)

so, tomorrow the rental car goes back. you remember the rental car, right? that was a fun story! so yeah. the thing too depressing to mention then, we'll just tackle real quick now. my mother and i were saving up for the down payment on a new car. ALL of that money went to fix our old car. yeah. we're still not over that. so now i'm like, can we just keep the rental? i like that little, zippy car! except i want it in a Honda version (the "Fit." ugh! what an awful name for a car!). i'm just a little scared every time i hit the brake in that Toyota. :/

man! we're at the half way point fellow BEDAers! yay for us! :D

P.S. @Lydia i love that you're enjoying the "Fatigue Meter"! maybe i should make icons for my blog after this too? and for the Guide blog if i can! :D

P.S.S i like the new ALL CAPS album more than i thought i would. and i thought i would like it, so what i mean is i like it A LOT! (listen to it on my Ning page)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Fatigue meter: 10

1: Guide website, yay!

2: taxes. Grr!

3: blogging from my phone.

4: was almost asleep when I remembered to blog

5: going to bed now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

cute stories - BEDA 12/13

now, we could pretend there was a post yesterday, but then we'd be venturing far past the world of slanted views and technicalities, and straight into delusional. besides, i can't lie to you blog! lying to you would be like lying to myself. ...actually it IS lying to myself. and, frankly, if i'm going to start lying to myself, i might as well go all the way. i'd want to be fabulously rich with a pony. i don't want to ride the pony of course! i only want it to show that i have enough money to maintain a pony. but i digress!

so, i'm a weirdo who actually enjoys hearing my coworker's stories about their kids. (they're just these little people, ya know. yet to be tarnished by the world. how their little minds develop is absolutely fascinating!) so boss #3 is talking about his 2 1/2 yr. old son. "The probability of me finishing these (his green beans) isn't very high," he says. god, but i hope when (if) i have kids they say awesome stuff like that!

and while we're on the topic of cute things: today i discovered i'd used the last of the toilet tissue when i went to replace the roll. i was very loudly complaining about this when my brother walked in and, very sweetly, asked for the empty cardboard roll. "out of toilet tissue? the roll?" he says with an outstretched hand. "what? you want this?" i say, handing it to him. he happily takes it, presses it to his eye, and says, "telescope!" as he walks away. you can't not love that!

so, i'm getting way to tired to keep writing and i may or may not be having a Skype meeting with Sean tomorrow morning, so i need to sleep so i don't do anything stupid in a half conscious state. like ok a page that's in fuschia. not that i think Sean would make a page in fuschia, but still.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storm Before the Calm - BEDA 11

Fatigue Meter:3


So now the only thing left is to finish the logistics of sending them out and I can be done thinking about them! I'll be so glad not to be thinking about them! Especially since it's seriously cutting into my blog meter design time! i mean, seriously. priorities!

so beside the usual Guide meeting which went rather well... all but Kip, Amy and Karolina were there actually, so that's really good! and Karolina wasn't there because she was busy being ridiculously awesome and representing the Guide at John Green's book tour!

however, before the meeting did not go so smoothly. despite my best intentions to get everything done before the meeting, In-Design refused to start properly. :/ and when i finally got it to start properly, my brother decided to flood the kitchen. so instead of having plenty of time to finish everything, i barely made it to the meeting on time!

now, i'd love to share more hilarious stories, but i have only one minute to hit that post button, so...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Icons - BEDA 10

Blogging Fatigue: 1

so, for some reason, i slept like, ALL DAY! i don't know what the hell made me so tired, but either way it's thrown my time off! i thought it was only quarter past 10, but apparently it was quarter past 11. :/

so i finished one of the icons, as you can see, but i ran out of time to do the other :( oh well. after i finish writing this though, i can see other BEDA/VEDA posts! yay!

so the only thing i did accomplish today was sending Sean an email about the site and all things concerning it. but that's better than getting nothing done, right?

oh, and in my quest to catch up on all my subscriptions, i finally watched one of Clive's "Clive's Angels" videos (<-- that is correct, but doesn't look like it. quotes should help!) and found this:

Friday, April 9, 2010

super-short, but on time! - BEDA 9

Blog Count: 9 Blogs Left: 21
Blog Fatigue: 2

irony. not the funny kind:

what's so ironic you ask? i started uploading earlier than usual. and it added extra time. (5 hours instead of 3) still, i was gonna make it! and now this. :(

ok, now for your feature presentation!

REALLY uneventful Friday! 2 cool things though: 1) i got to talk to Meg via Skype on my phone 2) i'm talking to Dome (now) <3 the fatigue meter is only that high cuz i'm tired. and the blog is being posted so late cuz i wanted to make those icons i mentioned before. almost done actually. but if i have to choose between a blog on time and a blog with epic icons (#completeoverstatement), in this case i'm gonna choose to be on time! i don't want to go back to the world of slanted views and technicalities. it's not very pleasant. :( and so, with 2 minutes to spare, i leave you now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

a grumpy blog - BEDA 8

Blog Count: 8 Blogs Left: 22
Fatigue Meter: 5

don't know what happened to the blog meters for the last couple of blogs. moving on!

ok, so it's time to fess up. that "giant moth" that allegedly "tried to eat me" was really just a full sized regular moth that flew toward me and scared the crap out of me. although, in my defense, it had to be the creepiest moth ever. i heard this muffled crackling noise, and when i looked for where the sound was coming from, MOTH ATTACK!!! so yeah. creepy.

so, real quick, we're gonna look at the pictoral representation of my life:

mm, yeah. yep. i like to refer to it as "My Life in 8 Boxes," but you can call it any snarky thing you please, so long as you leave it in the comments.

i love that i've gone to often enough (and everywhere else seldom enough) that it's in my top 8! it's barely been up for a day! Everything either has to do with Google or Nerdfighters.

well, the fatigue meter's running kinda high today. which, honestly, is rather unexpected! all day i've been thinking of little things i could say or include, and just generally getting excited about it. (yes, i know that's pathetic.) but now that i'm actually doing the actual blogging... well, i don't really feel like blogging right now. i tried to watch some YT to kind of get me into a more "i wanna share with the world" mood, but to no avail. i apologize for being so crabby... that's what it is! i'm just tired and kinda cranky. sorry. :/

i'm either really paranoid or i'm right (i really hope i'm not right!) about my emails being excessive. both in content and in quantity. i always am trying to make sure that there aren't any misunderstandings and i think i might come off as bossy. and then i try to keep everyone informed, but i think i come off as... well, nagging. so if you've gotten email from me, and you really would rather i'd turn it down a notch, let me know. cuz any annoyance is definitely unintentional!

ok, i'm just reaching now. i'm too tired to talk about anything remotely interesting. though i AM looking forward to hearing about how things went at the Boulder stop on John Green's book tour! can't wait to get a chance to talk to Lydia about that! :D

Pretend (i didn't forget) - BEDA 7

so, yeah. I totally posted this before midnight yesterday! #blatantshamefullies (welcome to the world of slanted views and technicalities!)

so the short version: Guide part 1, rental car, lost paycheck, Guide part 2, friends, Guide part 3.

Guide Part 1: since there was no car to take me to work, my only option was to stay home. but i figured i should make the most of my time, so i finished designing the missing page in the press package.

Rental Car: fortunately for my mother and i, the rental car place is a short walk from our house. the car is Toyota Yaris.

Lost Paycheck: along the way to the car rental place i removed my phone from my purse. completely unremarkable event. well, except that in the process i knocked my paycheck out of my purse. when a quick search at home revealed that i, in fact, had not left it behind, PANIC!!! VERY luckily, i had dropped it early on in the journey and it only took a minute of retraced steps before i found it.

Guide Part 2: emailed Sean and not a second after i pressed send, he logged in, so i chatted with him on GChat. result: was FINALLY launched!!! then i went about making edits to the sample page, but i didn't get very much done because...

Friends: talked on Skype about all kinds of nerdy stuff with some of the most awesome beings on the planet. namely, Meg, Lydia and Austin. :)

Guide Part 3: finished designing the press package and went to bed. then i realized that i needed to export it as a PDF and upload it. so i got out of bed, turned the computer back on, and created uploaded the PDF. then i went to bed. at 1am.

there was eating, and errands, and a good amount of procrastination mixed in there as well. XD

also, a giant moth tried to eat me. (to be continued...)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

internet life/breakdown - BEDA 6

oh, the title is misleading. i mean, it's accurate, but the subjects are unrelated. there was no breakdown in my internet life, although there was a bit of internet life involved in the breakdown. so maybe the title isn't so misleading after all...

so, today was so boring compared to yesterday! no live internet broadcasts, no disturbing tweets from my government, no blogging (nearly) hourly... wow. my life really does take place online, doesn't it?

the real fun began when my mom came to pick me up from work (another exciting adventure in sharing a car!) and as she pulled away from the curb, the car died. or at the very least refused to accelerate. it seemed not to want to switch out of first gear. or in fact switch completely into first gear. :/
however, armed with a phone and a AAA card, i called for help and after towing the car to the mechanic, the tow truck guy was kind enough to take us home! :)

  • my poor mom seemed so stressed out!
  • my thinking ahead and keeping an extra shirt in the car finally paid off! :)
  • i got to talk to my friends on twitter throughout the ordeal
the empty half of the glass in this event rather depresses me, so instead i shall view only full part of the glass for now (and during this post)! the car may be in the shop, but at least that means i don't have to go to work tomorrow. :) time at home equals me finishing projects for the Guide and finishing little personal projects, and not being bored to death by my work. yay! ok, i'm falling asleep and in danger of nodding off. if it were 2 in the afternoon, i wouldn't be concerned. but it's 11:30pm and the chances of me waking up and pressing "publish post" before midnight are slim to none. so rather than fail and feel ridiculous for missing a day of BEDA for something so stupid, i'm gonna end the blog here! to elaborate on the topic of what i said yesterday about online friends and internet life, i shall leave you with this comment made to an IRL friend on Facebook today:
"...and yeah, i've made myself a little Blogspot home. and i stay at YouTube at least once a week. i also hang out on Twitter a lot. lots of cool people there. i venture into the IRL only to make money and to meet up with the people i hang out with on Twitter. oh, and Skype. i love Skype! :) (wow, i just reread that and... it's a lot more literal than i intended. :/)"

Monday, April 5, 2010

all day long... - BEDA 5

Blog Count: 5 Blogs Left: 25
Fatigue Meter: 0 :D

12:20am: i've been meaning to do this for a while so i'll do it today! i'm going to blog as the day progresses. i did this once before, but... here, i'll give you the blow by blow of the epic fail: at 7am i started, saved the draft, and left the window open for easy update access. i updated throughout the day at work. i came home and made my 6pm update (i was updating hourly). i saved the draft, and only after i'd hit the button did i realize that this is not the version i had been progressively saving to all day, but the window i had open at 7am. so instead of 12 posts, i had 2. it hurt. it really hurt.
anyways, i have been promising a post about the gathering, so without further ado!
there were 3 people, including me. which, i can't lie, i found rather depressing. we're in LA and i know we have a plethora of Nerdfighters because there were so many at the Tour de Hank! however, an overwhelming majority of them either didn't hear about the gathering, or refused to show up. :/
but i still think i made rather pretty signs to point them in the right direction! for those who are interested, *cough*Lydia*cough* video of the dismally small turn-out will be posted before the week is out.
after the "gathering" was through, i went to Barnes & Noble at the Santa Monica Promenade. it's three floors high, has escalators and an elevator going up the center, and the barriers are all made of glass so that from any vantage you can look and see all three floors of books! *swoon*
now, a bit of epilogue is that i spent most of my time in years 8-18 sitting any place i could find (a chair, a ledge, the floor) in my local libraries and the Barnes & Noble in Burbank. i even noticed last time i was in that particular Barnes & Noble that the trend had finally caught on and there were people sitting in nearly every row. (no longer would i be the weirdo receiving strange looks as people stepped over me. now, i was just another book lover on a Saturday afternoon.) so i thought nothing of finding a book i liked, nestling in a rather quiet corner, and beginning to read. but i overlooked the fact that this was not my Burbank Barnes & Noble full of nostalgia and comfy chairs. i even overlooked that there were no chairs. that is until a guard ever so politely (and i mean this literally, i was taken a little aback by just how polite he was. he appeared honestly appologetic.) that he was "sorry, but sitting isn't allowed in the bookstore." but at least i got to put a few notes into these, so it wasn't a total loss!

8:20am: it's raining! it rained all night actually. but i like that. it's the morning, "i have to drive through traffic" rain i'm not fond of. however, today it wasn't so bad cuz my mom drove. (welcome to the adventures of sharing a car!)
so, a couple things i forgot to mention about Saturday's gathering are a) it was at Santa Monica Pier and b) i used my Droid like CRAAAZY! it told me how to get to the pier, and then it showed me which way to walk (that's right, the navigation's not just for the car) to get to Barnes & Noble and to the gelato shop (i LOVE gelato!), an app told me how to get to back to my car (it's called "Carr Matey" and is pirate themed ^_^), and then it showed me where to meet the rest of my family who were shopping for new living room furniture.
accidental capitalization. once i start writing in a certain format, i have to stick with it! ---> So i'm going to try to update this as close to hourly as possible. wish me luck!

10:20am:ok, so all i gotta say is "WHY IS MY SIZE OUT OF STOCK???? IT'S NOT FAIR!!!" awesome shirt

12pm: i was scared when i saw this government tweet. but felt better when i saw this reassuring tweet. and went right back to shocked when i realized they're encouraging the madness! and on a side note, that is the real government of the country i live in tweeting about pop stars and JK Rowling. welcome to my sub-reality!
today is SUCH an awesome day to be online! right now i'm watching John Green live, and earlier i was watching JK Rowling live! AND i received the new ALL CAPS album today! i love them more than i should. :D internet, where would i be without you?

2pm: see, it's moments like this that make being a Nerdfighter awesome! just finished helping John prank Hank. the first stunt in a chain of events leading up to his birthday! here's the result! XD

3:24pm: so i looked at my blog post list and there were only 3 posts for March. i'm thinkin' one of the reasons is cuz i was considering how much blogging i was going to be doing this month! so, for May i'm either gonna love blogging or hate it. either way, i'm not gonna have another month where i only blog 3 times! lack of writing talent or not, that's just too few blogs. :/

4pm: something i never finished writing Feb. 20th: i have, rather recently, become more or less addicted to the internet. i can't remember the last time i went through an entire day without logging on. i blog, vlog, update, tweet, and scrobble. a chat app is always open, i worship Google docs, and TweetDeck is a godsend.
so it's a funny thing that i only just have come to fully appreciate my friendships online. wait! don't get offended! i already appreciated you! i said fully appreciate!
in the past couple of weeks i haven't had time to watch/read/comment on/respond to all the posts/updates my friends have made. (resulting in the small mountain of content i've now to get through. which i'm not exactly dreading.) i also haven't had time to chat on Skype (or anywhere else for that matter) as often lately.
i never realized how much i talk to people, or choose not to talk to people (sorry!), until i haven't had the time to do it. i've had to cut a lot of convos short, or not participate in them at all lately.
continuing this thought: this still, sadly, is mostly true. i want to watch/read/comment on everything, and i ALSO want to produce content for all of you to watch/read/comment on. but with all my online friends having YT channels and blogs, along with other blogs and YTers i follow, AND, ya know, IRL, it gets a little daunting. i've gotta get better at managing time though, cuz i don't want to give ANYTHING up. i either cut out IRL, cut out my friends, or cut out participating in the NF community. i don't know about you, but i'm not willing to part with any of those options. i love it all too much! well, IRL i wouldn't mind cutting out so much, but it's necessary to keep the other two. (need the job, to get the money, to stay connected and be able to afford cons and eventually travel.) so if anyone has any tips, please let me know!
by the way, it stopped raining at around 10am! ^_^ now it's sunny and kind of cool and breezy. in other words, absolutely gorgeous!

7:10pm: you have no idea how delighted i am knowing that i won't epically fail with my all-day blog this time! :)
so we're on the last legs of this blog entry. we're almost to the finish. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna wrap it up at 10pm. but now, if i buckle down and stay focused, i may be able to make this blog look a bit better!

10:08pm: just finished watching the "special 2hr presentation" of 24. the last season. i'm going to miss hearing Jack Bauer threaten to tell him where the (insert threat here) or "i'll kill your family!" another favorite is when he's holding a gun on someone and yells, "don't make me do this!" or the always classic, in a hushed and menacing tone between clenched teeth, "have no doubt. i will do this!" ah. good times!
anywho! if you've gotten to this point in the blog, then you've done it! you've gotten through HOURS worth of my worthless prattle. perseverance like this is really admirable!
i promptly failed that bit about buckling down and staying focused by the way. that went out the window immediately as i began reading Lydia's blog. (which i'm a bit backlogged on. :/)

well, i hope this makes up for the crappy blogs this weekend as well as the vast lack of blogs last month. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time Mismanaged - BEDA 4

if there's one thing that is becoming abundantly clear through the process of BEDA, it's that i seriously mismanage my time! right now, i have 5 minutes to get this written and posted. 5 minutes!!! how did this happen??? and i haven't even posted the Minutes for the Guide! not to mention i still need to edit the press package, transfer all of our documents off of etherpad, and make my lunch for work tomorrow.
at least i remembered to email everyone i needed to email. *sigh* 2 minutes! ok, i keep making little edits to every, single sentence! i'm freaking out about time and it's slowing me down! ok, i'm posting now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

i'd blog, but... - BEDA 3

blog count: 3 blogs remaining: 28
fatigue meter: 0/10

ok, i know the fatigue meter is giving conflicting readings, but i promise it's not broken! i'm not actually tired of writing. i want to write! however, it's been a long day, and i am TIRED!

i promise to make a better blog tomorrow. right now i'm doing that thing where you keep snapping back up right before you nod off. my head is starting to do that achy thing it does when i'm REALLY tired.

so tomorrow when my eyelids don't feel so heavy and my head isn't so achy, there will be a proper blog!

sorry. :/