Thursday, April 22, 2010

seeing the arrow

because damned Alex Day turns off comments on his blog after a while, i can't make this comment on the appropriate post. but i can't just not share this either.

now, i read that post before, and it bugged me then. now, for some reason, it was still in my reader "unread". which allowed it to bug me again. what, exactly is it that bugs me?

well, dear reader, i make my living by, among other things, sending FedEx packages. For the past 2 years there hasn't been a work day gone by without me seeing one. Therefore, my complete bewilderment at having never seen said arrow in the logo absolutely infuriated me! however, upon the first read of that blog entry, it was a busy day at work and i had to spend my time sending FedEx and not staring at it.

but today i was determined. "dammit, if anyone should see that arrow, it should be me!" i thought. "i'm gonna walk to my back area and stare at that FedEx box (there is, in fact, a large sized FedEx box sitting back there) until i see that arrow!" and i got up, marched to the back and stared at the FedEx box. i frowned, as i saw nothing. "maybe if i tilt my head, look from different angles, another perspective?" a small tilt to the right, and i FINALLY SAW IT! there the arrow was. and i was so excited, i had to come share with you about it! i won't tell you where it is, because that moment when your perception shifts is magical and i wouldn't want to deprive you of that. but here's the logo so you can see it for yourself! :)

in hindsight, i coulda just asked the FedEx guy. but, honestly, where's the fun in that?

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