Sunday, February 28, 2010

formal apology

wow! that last one was really bad, wasn't it!

i couldn't even break up the pointless drivel with a poor attempt at wit so that you could laugh as you mock me for my pathetic lack of writing ability.

despite me being able to operate a mouse and keyboard, my brain clearly wasn't up for the whole sub-standard, writing-as-though-someone-cares blog writing thing. something to make note of for the next time i fall asleep WAY to early resulting in me waking up WAY too early. i'll just stick to the reading and watching before the hour of 6am. *winces at the disgustingly early hour displayed in corner of screen*

so yeah, it's Sunday. which only ever means one thing to me: Guide Meeting. and really, should it mean anything else? There are several things going on with the Guide including a brand spanking new partnership with the NF Gazette! fact, i should go blog that... *blogs* ...there we go! fresh blog post for everyone to enjoy! :) i feel accomplished now.

i also feel hungry. i'm gonna go make some eggs...

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