Friday, February 19, 2010


i was just reading Lydia's blog and, as per usual, was inspired. she always writes the lovliest things and makes me consider what's going on in my life.
now, i don't know how many sunny days there are in California, but i do know that i have a pretty sunny life (despite the clouds currently threatening rain outside). my life is filled with laughter and friendship and inspiration and fun plans.
i've been thinking a lot about my life in general lately, especially since designing the wall behind me in my videos. it's covered with places/events i've been to, music i like, and friends i've made.
not too long ago, i was quite depressed. all my irl friends were out of town, i was feeling less and less of a connection to them anyway, and i just couldn't seem to find a purpose. like, a "what the hell am i doing with my life?" purpose.
it's so different from today, where i'm planning today's video(for 7NAP), thinking of how i'll be editing another video(for my channel), checking the VidCon countdown, figuring a savings plan to go to England, collecting things for my culture packages, and finding a theme for the next Nerdfighter gathering.
it's ironic how my irl friends being out of town or in other countries means not talking to them and growing apart, but half of my online friends are in other countries and we talk all the time and are constantly growing closer.
maybe that has more to do with me changing and the kind of people i choose as friends. but whatever it may mean, the fact remains: while my life could use more money, better focus, and a bit more exercise, there's definitely no lack of sunshine!

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