Sunday, February 14, 2010

the V is for vapid

i am with most of the single masses who say Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday developed (or in any case, heavily marketed) by the card companies. that said, i am not with a lot of the single masses who are bitter toward the holiday.
a lot of people like to use it as a license to unabashedly immerse themselves in an exorbitant pity party. i'm not saying i've never laid claim to such license, but it's been quite a few years since i have.
V-Day is just another day. i'm not going to feel any more lonely or sad than i would any other time. and honestly, why should i? if a few sappy advertisements and garish pink decorations can send me into a day of surliness, embittered tears, and chocolate binging, then i have far bigger troubles than being unable to find a mate. seriously, that's a lot of venom to conjure over not getting a card.
and let's not forget that the candy companies love you, Sir/Lady Sourpuss, just as much, if not more, than they love the happy couples. the grocery bill for your grumpy get-together, "love sucks" soiree, or private pity party will match, if not exceed, the cost of the happy couple. mouths to feed + cards and candy (those consolation presents friends exchange) + party decor = lots of money for those card/candy/flower/toy companies.
but even when i'm not single, i don't make a huge deal out of V-Day. you shouldn't wait for a "special day" to show that you love your significant other. you shouldn't be getting each other presents because it's "couple day." you should be giving each other presents because you genuinely think you'll be making your sweetheart happy by giving them something they want or need. and that shouldn't be reserved for a special day. V-Day should be the cherry on top, not the entire sundae. and besides, do you know where all those stupid heart-hugging bears from "love days" past are? yeah, me neither.
now, i could go on to examine the gender roles dictated by the media (that, sadly, people merrily enact), but there's only so long one rant blog can go on before becoming tedious.
instead i will leave you with this: Valentine's Day is fun when you're in a couple. just an extra excuse to appreciate each other. but anything more than that, and you're both cheapening your relationship and bowing to mindless consumerism. for everyone else, it's just another day and shouldn't affect you otherwise. unless, of course, you want an excuse to show appreciation for your friends and family. but make it from the heart; it's Valentine's Day!

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