Saturday, January 9, 2010

no video, yes video

so now that i've declared that i'm going to start making more videos, i can't find the charger for my camera. :/

i'm pretty sure i left it at work, but that's beside the point. the point is i wanted to do a video this weekend and now i can't. :( this is upsetting.

i still have to upload my 10 minute video of City Walk. i can't believe it's that freaking long. i will NOT be surprised if no one watches it. or if they skip through parts of it. i probably would.

so, i was watching the new charlieissocoollike video and i noticed in the comments (cuz i'm a weirdo who loves reading comments) a girl who said people had told her she looks like a female Charlie. which is funny because i had just been thinking how much Charlie's sister looks like a female Charlie. but this girl comes in second. and her videos are pretty good.

the discovery of her channel has inspired me to start making an effort to explore more random channels.

oh yeah, and there's a woman who lives in a tent behind the grocery store. she just moved there in the past week. the last few times i passed, she wasn't- erm- home. but today i saw her and gave her $50. i need to get more cash so i can do this more! :)

my declaration and swatsch's video:

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