Friday, January 8, 2010

it's you

ok, we need to talk. i was looking at some of my back entries (finding something i'd said) and i noticed the quality isn't as good. i have the same writing style, the same sense of humor, and am the same person, so... it's not me, it's you. that's right, dear reader.
you see, this is "The Unread Blog" and i was writing it as such. but lately it's been, well, "The Read Blog." and that's just not the same. you make me feel all self-conscious and that's no good at all.
oh, but don't feel bad! i'm not breaking up with you! i'm just saying we need to take this to a more emotionally abusive level. i still love you. i'm just going to ignore your existence when we're in public (blogs and vlogs). but i'll totally still hang out with you when no ones around!

phew! i feel so much better now! so... on with the awkward ramble! :D

so, i don't remember what the hell i had wanted to write when i came to this realization, but the internal dialogue went something like this:
"oh, i should write a blog about that! oh... wait... no, people read my blog. that might be kind of awkward." and then i read some back entries. some of it saying stuff i would probably think to be "awkward" now. but they were so much BETTER.
so i'm pretending that i don't have friends. it's good for the writing. and that's really the most important thing, right?

so, things, as far as i'm concerned, are getting a little awkward in the Guide staff camp. one member is starting to creep me out. i'm hoping this kind of smooths over or goes away soon. ...and i hope one of the Greens get around to writing back. i mean, who the fuck are they, anyway? "my wife's having a baby." "i'm doing Truth or Fail and planning VidCon." wa wa wa! cast the frivolous details aside for a sec, k? let's get back to the priorities people: Guide to Nerdfighting. alright? seriously! the stupid things people allow to distract them!

oh, and i get WAY too excited when i know what the word of the day means. but doesn't everyone on YT know this one? (or at least all the NFs.)

words are cool, ok? words are cool!
loquacious, conceptual, antagonizing, sardonic <-- those are some bad-ass words!


"But our relationship was torn,
When i found out
Unicorn, unicorn
Met you on MySpace, you have a horn"

Met You on MySpace by Care Bears on Fire

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