Friday, October 2, 2009

Socrates and eternal love

back in 1989, i was a mere 5 yrs. old. i enjoyed making mud pies, performing soap operas with my Jem dolls, perfecting my penmanship, and playing Socrates.

i'm gonna go ahead and say that this was the inception of my nerdom.**

i haven't thought about this game for YEARS! that is, until putting this into my car's cd player:

i - was - ELATED! all those happy hours learning my states and kicking ass at spelling! *satiated sigh* good times, good times.

in conclusion, i will love Lord Alex Day (no seriously, that's his legal name!) forever because he opened and closed the first song of his album with Socrates audio clips.

that song, as well as the rest of the album, is pretty good, too. you can check that out here if you'd like.

**this is obviously a blatant lie. i was CLEARLY born a nerd. i mean, i enjoyed perfecting my penmanship. i ENJOYED it!

--UPDATE-- 2009/10/03
the spazzy Daily Booth pic i took after opening my CD. taken from my phone- in the car:

it took embarrassingly long to get a shot i liked. then i was able to move on and go to the store for my mom and brother- whilst blasting Parrot Stories.

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