Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall, dating, B2.0

this morning was the first morning that i could use a blanket! soon i'll be wearing sweaters and hoodies, wrapping myself in scarves, crunching leaves beneath my feet, and sitting beside open fires! ...okay, so not fires so much as computer screens, but those can be pretty exciting, too.

fall IS my favorite season, so i'm super-happy that the weather is cooling down (despite it having taken FOREVER to warm up). plus, my mom makes her famously delicious lasagna every fall. so i'll be doing my happy dance now till November!

i'll also be watching B2.0. first to last. because i haven't before. i've watched the first two weeks and now i can't believe i didn't start watching sooner! i get it now! i totally understand why everyone loves them so much. (as of now i'm at Jan. 25th)

also, i'm giving this a try (why not, i suppose):

i guess it can't hurt. i hope it can't hurt.

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