Tuesday, December 15, 2009


so... who's stressed out cuz they have to re-shoot one video, and do another that they should have done yesterday? yeah, yep, that would be me. i was supposed to have that stuff in the can! i don't know what happened!
ok, this is bad. now i'm lying to my blog. blatant neglect is one thing, but when the lying starts...
i, in fact, know EXACTLY what happened. i was like, "yeah, i know i have vids to shoot, but i'm just gonna sit here and watch YouTube, and talk to Sam, and Karolina, and Emma, and Amy instead. i'll shoot later." and then it was later. and i made a vid on my laptop. and the mic picked up the sound of the fan in my laptop, so now i have a P4A video with shitty sound, and that's simply unacceptable, and... this is a run-on sentence, i'm gonna use a period now. sorry for those i've offended with my complete abandon of grammar.
so long story short, i have to start churning out video as soon as i get home!
the good news is i did make an audio track for the P4A video intro. it's kind of bad, but i'm gonna use it anyway. so don't make fun of me when you hear it, k? thanx!

so... yeah. one day i'm gonna actually have to work while i'm at work. i am NOT looking forward to that day! there's too many things to do online!

ps. i love that one of the options in the dropdown when i type a "p" in the labels box is "half blood prince" followed by "harry potter." :)

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