Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nerdfighters (and The Guide) are Awesome!

oh blog, even when i neglect you, you're still here for me.

which, when you think about it, isn't very healthy. and if you had any self respect, you would leave me. but lucky for me, you are not a person and self respect is not an issue for you. and so you stay.

now that i'm done exploring the depths of me and my blog's abusive relationship, i can talk about other stuff. like my new appreciation for the word "ratiocination."

ratiocination rash-ee-ah-suh-NAY-shun

The process of logical reasoning.

finally! "Nice guy, but no ratiocination." as opposed to "Nice guy, but no sense of logic." what once was three words, now is one! what does it say about me, as a person, that i have the willingness and the need to accept this word into my daily vocabulary? let's not explore that.

hey, remember that time when The Guide wrote to Alan, and he said The Guide was a bad idea, and everyone got kinda bummed out? and then remember all the hilarious Alan jokes that ensued?! (oh, the lols! good times!) and then remember 2 weeks later when Hank said it was a good idea. and then remember a month later when John emailed saying it was a good idea. and remember when we all got to say, "in your face Alan! SUCK IT!" but we were all too awesome to say that. (at least not publicly!) yeah. yeah... that was SO AWESOME!!!

so, i've an observation to share:
twitter is SO much fun when you're mutually following Nerdfighters! twitter is my new favorite IM! <3 my morning was filled with alien rhino men (aka. "guys in rhino suits"), culture package planning, and memory manipulation! since i don't know ALL Nerdfighters, i could be wrong on this, but i'm pretty fairly certain that MY Nerdfighter friends are the most awesome.

oh, yeah. and rl is still boring. just in case someone was under the misguided delusion that it suddenly became overwhelmingly awesome. yeah, it's still not.

ps. i started writing this at 8:45am! ADD much?!

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