Tuesday, December 15, 2009

video no go?

so earlier i made and sent off my "secret" video. and i was SO happy cuz i was like, "yes! finished! and it's not painfully boring! (i was so afraid it would be really boring) so glad that's done and sent!" and then all the sudden, now that i've already sent it and it's definitely much, much too late, right as i was about to drag my finger across the touch pad and click the "shut down" button i thought, "what if nobody likes it? what if everybody thinks it's stupid? maybe i shouldn't post that. maybe i should make a new one." and then i realized, i can't make a new one because i already sent it in!!! why do my second thoughts always come to me as i'm drifting to sleep/shutting down my computer?! (which is the same thing in my head. the terms are interchangeable.)

i have decided that the only thing i can do in the mean time is be happy about being done with my P4A video! now this is particularly special to me because it is my first P4A video! i hope that the comments it gets aren't, "wow. this one's not that good." that and, "what's with the intro? that's the worst thing i've ever heard!"

wait. i started that paragraph in happy. when did it get all, "i'm just as paranoid about my P4A vid as i am about my 'secret' vid"-ish? because i'm not as paranoid about my P4A vid! i'm just mildly self-conscious. (which is pretty much my constant state of being.)

so yeah. now that i've gotten my ya-ya's out, i'm going to bed!

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