Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 2

6am - Hawaii Time

oh my God! i just woke up to go to the bathroom, and i hear a rooster crow, and i just think, "hmm. interesting alarm clock." and then i realize it's coming through the window and i think, "someone has a loud alarm clock." it's not until the third time that i realize that it's actually a fucking rooster! it's still crowing. i'm excited by this. it's still dark by the way. Auntie's not up yet and i'm typing this in a txt file that i can copy & paste when i find an internet connection.
the rooster seems to be riling things up. now some of the other birds outside are like, "holy crap, i think it's morning! *sing*" :)

omg! there are MULTIPLE roosters! 3 or 4. i just heard a sycnchronized rooster crow! and it's starting to get light out! yay! <-- a lot of exclamation marks. i'm sorry. :D

went to the grocery store to pick up essentials. you know, water, eggs, strange flavored Hawaiian hot dogs. the usual. then we went to have breakfast at a Mexican restaurant. (weird, i know) it was good though! and finally we went to an internet cafe and i was able to download the drivers i needed for my ethernet connection. (who uses wire anymore???)

so now i have internet in the condo, which is AWESOME! i won't have to schedule time at the internet cafe! AND i get to talk to everyone on Skype! not to mention the blog and picture posts! :)

so it's Thanksgiving and i'm in Hawaii. which means we went to a luau (loo-ow). i always hear the word said but i never have to spell it.

so now my lei is in a plastic bag in the fridge as the lady who sold it to me told me to with it. but here's what it looks like when it's not being preserved.

free lei vs. upgrade!

the buffet:

after dinner, there was the entertainment! it ended with a fire show. and the guys were hot. which was a definite plus! :)

that last picture is the one i didn't get to take since my camera battery died. and i didn't have my camera bag. which means i didn't have my fully charged battery with me. yeah. i'm still a little pissed about that one. needless to say, i'm gonna have my replacement battery in my pocket for the rest of the trip!

but i DID get a happy coconut!

he is my new friend. i've still gotta name him! i'm taking suggestions.

and that's the play by play boys and girls! to be continued tomorrow! :D

"running with scissors wasn't smart,
i tripped and cut open your heart"

Shame On You by Hot Hot Heat
               no, there is no reason for that other than i'm listening to that right now.

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