Tuesday, August 11, 2009


ok, i know i'm being a cynical bitch again- but, well, i don't care.

just when i thought it couldn't get more boring at work, work went and proved me wrong. the intern made a presentation about the organization our company is working with. but since i already visited the website and watched the video, i found myself insufferably bored and planning my escape route. my only solace was that everyone was watching the presentation and couldn't notice my glazed over look. it didn't help that the intern sounded like an agent from Orbis. *while a smiling person with a bandage over his eye was being shown* "...it makes happy people. And I don't know about you, but that makes me happy."

afterward, back in the front office, my coworker came in and said, "That was nice." and it's a good thing she spoke first, because I was about to say, "That was boring." instead i just smiled and nodded.

it's a cool organization. it's a cool project to be involved in. i would recommend that people check it out. here's a link so you can:

but the next time there's a presentation, i'm gonna have somewhere else i need to be. my sanity depends on it.

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