Tuesday, August 18, 2009

best laid plans

you know what my friends are best at?

making plans. they are good at getting a hold of you, making a connection, sharing those inside jokes. they really have a knack for engraving a date and time in your head. they have a firm grasp on what's fun and a good time to do it.

unfortunately they all have a strange fear of commitment. or, at the very least, they have a distinct aversion to committing to their plans. i've taken to referring to them as "The League of Flakes." (in my head, anyway.)

i'm always amused when someone contacts me to get together. from the moment of contact it's a countdown to when the cancellation/"sorry i didn't call you" message comes through. and that's always my favorite part, 'cause it's usually accompanied by a heartfelt apology and a fervent professing, in the sincerest manner of course, that we MUST get together soon. these are usually vague promises, though occasionally, they're more pretend plans.

can't imagine such a thing? well, here's a visual aid.


why do they do this? do they get some kind of queer amusement in making plans they never intend to follow through with? or is it really the breaking the plans that they enjoy?

i'm afraid i don't have the answers to these questions. and frankly, the process is so repetitious, i really can't be bothered to wonder anymore.

is there really any question as to why i'm anti-social?

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