Monday, July 20, 2009

color me random...

first, here's a picture of my cake last week.

work birthday cake

ok. now i have to say what pissed me off about the Harry Potter movie. first: why is he riding trains? the whole point is that he doesn't have a "normal" existence in the muggle world. he's locked in his bedroom all the time. him having train adventures doesn't fit. second: what the hell with the scene where they burn the house down? couldn't we have nixed that little creation and instead kept more of the story line intact? with the time wasted there, you could have kept in the attack on the castle. third: why the fuck is Ginny hiding the book with Harry. the whole point of him going to the Room of Requirement to hide his book instead of just sticking it in his dorm is so that he'll mark the spot with the horcrux. that's it. in book 6 you're thinking (or at least i was), "why are you wasting all that time hiding that book instead of just sticking it under your bed for now?" then you find out it's a crucial point near the end of book 7. they basically destroyed this in the movie. what lame way they've dreamed up for Harry to find the 6th horcrux in the movie we'll just have to wait and see, but that certainly pissed me off. and lastly: what the FUCK with the Dumbledore death scene. Harry is supposed to throw himself over the body and sob uncontrollably and no one's able to pull him away until he finally allows himself to be lead away by Ginny. instead, they replace what should have been the most powerful scene of the movie with some corny moment of everyone holding up their wands and Harry just sitting there crying. just plain crying next to the body while Ginny hugs him. just corny, dumb and weak.
i did however like the apparating. and they did the Felix Felicis scene very well.

and now, because i can, i bring you: work fruit (as in fruit i eat at work, not fruits of my labor).


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