Sunday, August 1, 2010

and so it begins...

hey, Blog! fancy meeting you here!

(it's random, but it's from my favorite band and is absolutely ridiculous. as is this blog. well, it's not from my favorite band... you know what i mean!)
Hellogoodbye - Welcome to My Record [GM OG Mix] by coolhandjohnny

so here we are, doing that BEDA thing again, except this time the A stands for August. why am i doing this you ask? well clearly i didn't get enough torture the last time!!!

seriously though, i'm doing this because i got to know my friends better doing this project. and even more of them are doing it this time which means it's going to be even better! also, i kind of failed last time. ...well, i did fail last time. there were days i forgot to post or posted late, and this time i wanna do it right! so here's to 30 more days of this! :)

oh, and you may notice the lack of snazzy countdown counter. i thought i was gonna do one, but then realized, last minute, that i just couldn't be bothered and would rather work on my secret projects which are discussed (cryptically) herein.

so i think we should start out seeing what i'm doing today and now, and then comparing notes on the 31st. that's one of my out of thin air ideas, so theoretically, it should work.

right now i'm working on two relatively secret projects with my friends Meg and Lydia. (who are also doing BEDA and who are pretty much the only people who read my blog.) hi guys! or i should say ladies. but i won't because that just is getting way too PC and i was just going for an informal greeting. digression!!! so yeah, relatively secret projects. "relatively" because Meg knows about me and Lydia's project, and a small handful of people (such as Lydia) know about me and Meg's project. but only I know all the details of BOTH! muahahahaha!

ok, not a big deal, but hey! how often do you get to pull out the evil laughter??? right?

also, i'm trying to talk myself into paying for LeakyCon right now. it's in Orlando next year. first day is my birthday. so i could LEGITIMATELY make it my birthday present for next year. however, i don't have the money for it at the moment. well, i mean TECHNICALLY i COULD pay for it now. but that's just generally a BAD idea. the con itself isn't the price i'm worried about. it's the hotel stay. and LeakyCon's forum doesn't have a roommate section like VidCon's did. :( oh, nerd dilemmas!

and next summer is going to be a VERY expensive summer that i'm going to have to start saving now for. there's VidCon, and ComicCon, and SitC. SitC obviously being the most expensive as it will include a flight and hotel stay in London. ComicCon will require a hotel stay in San Diego. and VidCon, even if it's in LA again, will require a hotel stay. plus the cost of the cons themselves. so now, thinking about investing in LeakyCon... i just don't know. cuz i'm already determined to go to the other three. Also, i have to book the hotel now. and that's the most expensive part! i just don't have the money to pay for that part right now. the flight and the con yes. the hotel, no. if it were the other way around, i'd do it. but it's not. ALSO, i'm planning on buying a car soon. car payments + insurance = EXPENSIVE. so, don't exactly have the funds to be shelling out for expensive hotels in Orlando at the moment. :( #nerddilemma

wow, did i just devote not one, but TWO paragraphs to cons that are happening NEXT YEAR! yeah, i'm just gonna pass that one off as #hotnerdsexy. a term i invented two weeks ago. more on that in blogs to come.

for now, i leave you! and considering how long this thing has gotten, i think you're probably glad. #relief #thankgodshestoppedtyping or, if you're Lydia, #thanknoentityinparticularidon'tbelieveinthatshitshestoppedtyping

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