Tuesday, July 27, 2010

chuck progress

so last time dear friends, we talked about how i pretty much always act on my random impulse ideas. how sometimes they're great, like #hotnerdsexy, and sometimes they're bad like blogging my progress of two Chuck Klosterman books. but as they're both impulse ideas, they're both coming to fruition.
so here's how the progression of Chuck, or my Chuck Progress* as i'm calling it, is going to work. we're coming up on Blog Every Day in August, and i'm sure no one, including myself wants to read/write an entire blog about a potentially boring and unbloggable book every day. so we're going to do this blog thing as normal, and then , occasionally (when i actually have time to read), in a section of it's own, will be the Chuck Progress. this way, you can skip it with ease if you wish, i get to continue with my suicide mission, and everybody's happy. :)
so, with no further ado:

Chuck Progress

The first thing you will notice is the text is saturated in the word fuck. the next thing you will notice is that it's rather funny. a bit pompous... no shamelessly pompous, just shy of annoying, which makes it tolerable long enough to be funny and even relevant.
--god, sometimes i really like listening to myself talk (write). honestly, so far, it's a bit pessimistic. very "why bother cuz you'll never find true happiness." and i'm, well, far too optimistic to really buy into any of it. but i will say it's entertaining, and does occassionally fall upon pearls of truth. for the record: i'm on page 4.


"The main problem with mass media is that it makes it impossible to fall in love with any acumen of normalcy."

"If Woody Allen had never been born, I'm sure I would be doomed to a life of celibacy."

* i'm calling this project "Chuck Progress" for 2 reasons. 1) the obvious. it's following my progress through Chuck Klosterman books. 2) i think it's clear that i have no real faith in this project and therefore believe that it may in fact end up hindering progress. so, we'll take it by it's other meaning. throw out progress. as in, throw it into the trash. as in, might as well since you'll get equally far either way.

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