Monday, July 19, 2010

bad idea

sometimes project ideas are gradual. they start with an inspiration. whatever the thing is that inspired you is, you think about it and you think about it. you analyze and you discuss and you develop. and then you finally have this plan.
sometimes project ideas just hit you. they're random. they're completely undeveloped. you're not even sure how you are going to do them, or if you even WANT to do them. but like magic, almost as though they've been introduced by someone else, they're there. in your head. and if you're me, you do them.

Amazon likes to suggest things to you. at first it's kind of annoying. but if you think about it (and you happen to find marketing fascinating!) then you find that it's rather genius. every suggestion is based on what YOU LIKE. so it's very likely that buying what they suggest is a good idea.

i'm stubborn. the more i'm told to do something, the less likely i am to do it, and more apt to drag my feet about it. if something is popular and everyone is doing it (society telling me to do something) i run away from it. if my mother says i should do something, i fight it... or do it later. homework, school, whatever, apply this to EVERYTHING, and you have my reaction to ANYTHING. and, to make it worse, despite the fact that i know this system doesn't work, or at least it works very poorly, i do it anyway. because i'm stubborn.

so Amazon has been suggesting books by author Chuck Klosterman for years. literally. i've been stubbornly ignoring this suggestion for a LONG time. but while walking down a random aisle in the library, as i like to do, i came across a couple of his books. literally, there were two lone Chuck Klosterman books sitting among a sea of other authors. (we're gonna ignore for a moment that TWO books in a SEA of other books is hardly "lone" just this once, ok? stay with me!) since i recognized the name instantly from seeing it thrown at me for so many years, i finally caved and decided to pick them up.

i mentioned my happenstance with these books, and a few people expressed interest in me letting them know how it went. you know, the reading of the books.

VidCon is this thing where 1400 people who make and watch videos on YouTube, as well as a few of the people who run YouTube, went to go celebrate the wonderfulness of each other much like a giant hippy orgy, but with all of the physical contact and none of the nudity or sex. yeah. awesome.

preparing for VidCon, going to VidCon, then recovering from VidCon left NO TIME for beginning, or even remembering Chuck Klosterman books, the library, Amazon, or my family. hence, i just picked up "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" for the first time today.

i got through the preface. i didn't know it was a preface. it was sneaky and unmarked! but i read it. and nearly the very moment after i had read it, i got my idea. (i say nearly because DIRECTLY after reading it, i ran head first into the table of contents and realized i'd just read a preface! so this is afterward.) i'm going to blog my progress.

this may very easily be the worst and most boring idea i've EVER come up with. but, as i said in the beginning of this blog, when those sudden, possibly implanted by a mutant being or alien ideas come into my head, i just do them. and this is one of those. so i'm doing it. i will probably give up. but that's part of the fun.

i am also going to note that i recognize this as a BAD and STUPID idea directly before Blog Every Day in August, but we're doing it anyway!

oh, and for the record, i liked the preface. despite it's devious and misleading nature.

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