Tuesday, April 20, 2010

seriously?! - BEDA 20

Fatigue Meter: 5

i told myself earlier that i should just blog and get it out of the way, but did i listen to myself? of course not! freakin' know-it-all!
no, i had to say, "no, i'll have PLENTY of time later! i won't even get tired!" yeah, i don't know who's character and past experiences i was thinking of when i came to that conclusion, but it clearly wasn't mine!

and quickly, for the record, i tried to upload all the icons for the rest of the month again tonight and it worked flawlessly. i didn't do ANYTHING different from last night. the interenet (or at least Photobucket) was just intent upon fucking me over.

so today's challenge was trying not to fall asleep at work. i wasn't really tired, it was just really boring. i was NOT in a work mood today. :/

also, one of my coworkers wanted me to make a PDF of a report. i suggested that they send me the Word doc and i'd convert it, as opposed to running it through the copier and scanning it to PDF, because that way it's a smaller file.
Coworker: "Oh! It is?"
Me: "Yep!" :)
Coworker: "Ok, i'll tell Dave to send you the file."
Not 5 minutes pass when said coworker walks into my office and says, "so Dave's gonna send you the file, so just convert it to a PDF, so that way it's a smaller file, ok?"


i wish i were exaggerating. even just a little bit. but i'm not. i think i should at least get a gold star or something for simply replying, "ok" and nodding instead of letting the commentary in my head stream out of my mouth, which was, "seriously?! i just told YOU that not 5 minutes ago! you're telling me now?"

and i'm not even going to get into the time she gave me a crash course in how to effectively change modes on the phone. oh wait, i did that rant, didn't i? see? i don't always neglect my blog!

well, i've got crap to finish and email to the Guide staff, so i'll end it here. see you tomorrow blogsphere!

ps. Lydia, now every time i say, "seriously?!" i think of "Really?! with Lydia and Chelsea." (omg! that poor hookworm!)

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